• Lisa

History, Perspectives and Truth

I’ve been unashamedly reading a children’s fantasy book lately called The Trials of Morrigan Crow, the first book that’s part of Jessica Townsend’s Nevermoor series. I’m only half way through but so far I’ve found this novel to be compelling, witty and just downright ingenious.

It’s obvious Townsend has placed lots of planning and work into this book because the intricate (yet not overdone) characters and plots are so elegantly woven together, that I can only compare her style to that of JK Rowling's.

My favourite character so far in the novel is a man by the name of Jupiter North who has the ability to see the truth or story behind any given thing or person. To describe his ability, there's a scene early in the novel where he points to a teapot and asks Morrigan to describe what she sees. After responding with obvious features such as the size and colour of the teapot, Jupiter then proceeds to tell her what he saw- which was the history of where it was manufactured and the prior owners. One of which, was an old lady who associated the teapot with fond memories of her sister coming to visit every weekend for tea.

I absolutely adore this ability because his character is a constant reminder that there’s a story and therefore depth and meaning to everything- however seemingly irrelevant or significant it may be. More importantly, it also reminds us that there are different perspectives to how we view things in this world and therefore as a business – your customers will too.

This mindset is what we strive to apply to every client interaction we have.

At Content Cookie, we will listen to your story, work with you to filter through the haze, brainstorm and explore different perspectives… leave no stone unturned, and do every darn thing it takes to ensure the outcome is not just action orientated, but meaningful to both you and your target market as well.



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